A Somewhat Hairy Discussion

I believe it’s a rare woman who doesn’t struggle with her hair.  Curly-heads want straight hair.  Straight-haired ladies want curls.  Our hair is too limp or too fine or too coarse or too thick or too bushy or too grey or too blonde or not blonde enough.  We want our best friend’s hair desperately, because her is so gorgeous, while she says exactly the same thing in reverse.  It seems we are almost never happy.  (I’m sure the men around us would agree.)

Easter, 1979 – “boy” cut

I’m right there with the majority of womankind.  I’ve rarely been in love with my hair.  In its natural state, it’s fine, incredibly thick, yes, but with no volume, due to said fineness.  (And said thickness has decreased significantly since bearing children.)  There’s just enough wave to make it look a little odd if left down.  My face shape doesn’t support the ongoing trend of long, super-straight hair, so as easy as that would be for me to achieve with my hair, I never, ever do so.

Fifth Birthday, March, 1980 – growing it out…nice bangs.  At least I was on trend!

And my hair doesn’t hold curl if it has any length at all.  Throw all the product and procedure you want at it – hot rollers, curling irons, etc. – it doesn’t hold.  Short of those extraordinarily time-consuming pin curls (for which I used to beg my mother), nothing works.  I’ve been known to spend an hour on my hair only to have it fall flat thirty minutes after leaving the house.

Junior High…1988?  The BANGS!  Gotta love the 80′s.

Except a perm.  Give me a perm, and it will hold, as long as I’m careful not to let a brush anywhere near it.

August, 1988 – There you have it, folks, the hat that gave me the nickname “Gilligan” in marching band.  Let’s forget the hat, though…what was up with those shorts??

So, I perm.  Since my most recent love affair with perms began in 2006, I’ve learned how to take care of curly hair…unlike in high school, when I didn’t understand the brush rule and spent way too much time in hats, resulting in a flat top layer and a frizzball everywhere else.

1994 – Again with the bangs. I didn’t come to terms with my short forehead until after we were married.

There’s an additional obstacle in my search for The Perfect Coif: I hate spending time on morning ablutions.  I have never, except for a very short stint with “The Rachel” in the 90′s (sorry, no photos exist of that one!), been willing to spend time with a blow dryer in front of the mirror each morning.  People, I could be accomplishing shit during that time!  Reading books…doing something meaningful…sleeping.  (Yeah, it’s pretty much the sleeping that takes priority.)

2003 – 21 weeks pregnant with Kalen.  There are an inordinate number of photos of me with pony tails over the years…it’s a good indicator of when it’s past time for a cut.

Which brings us to reason #2 for perming: scrunch and go.  Wash, pick through, use product, scrunch, and walk out of the bathroom.  With the right cut and the right product, I am a happy camper.

September, 2008 – Immediately post-perm. This was my favorite hair dresser ever.  He moved back to Florida, and I moved to Washington State. *sob*

Reason #3 for perming?  The greys tend to blend in a bit more than they otherwise would.  My notice of this benefit increases with each passing year, especially since my hair dresser recommends holding off on coloring for awhile, so as not to double up on the chemicals going into my strands.

Today – March 9, 2012. I’m happy.

 I’m probably more happy with my hair right now than I have been in a long time.  Being a brunette suits me, the curls suit me, and I can pin it back to row.

Scrunch & go, baby.

Second Blooming


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8 Responses to A Somewhat Hairy Discussion

  1. Gretchen says:

    Weren’t you the cutest?! Sadly, that Easter of 1979, I was about to graduate from high school. Damn I’m old. Anyway, I think the perm works really well for you. It suits your face and it’s EASY. All good.

    You are linked!!
    Gretchen blogged this: Spin Cycle: Hair RaisingMy Profile

  2. You are SO cute!! And your ‘now’ picture? You can tell you’re happy. It made me smile. :) And the perm looks great on you – there are some (like me) that perms just don’t work for the type of hair, but yours? Is awesome. :)
    Stacy Uncorked blogged this: Spinning Up Some Hella HairMy Profile

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention – when I move back to Washington State, I SO want to meet you in person. Not like a stalker or anything… :) We’re hoping to get back there by next summer (2013) though my parents would prefer we move back sooner…like tomorrow. ;)
    Stacy Uncorked blogged this: Tu loquere Latine?My Profile

  4. Preita says:

    ok I had no idea that was a perm and I have been in love with your hair for a long time too! I’ll never have long hair (or hair long enough for a perm) so sometimes I toy with the idea of wigs. That’d be insane right though? I don’t know I’m badass enough to pull that off.
    Preita blogged this: First Review Of FrankefineMy Profile

  5. Gina says:

    I see Kalen in that 1979 picture. And I thought the same thing about August 1988–what’s with those shorts?! Gotta love those 80′s styles…and they’re coming back! I haven’t had a perm since some time in the 90′s…maybe 1990-1991. Maybe I should try it again, cause I just can’t find a style that I like. And I’m all about spending as little time as possible on it.

  6. Arnebya says:

    It amazes me all that we go through as women to find that final comfort with ourselves. Your now picture, like Stacy Uncorked says, is so happy and comfortable, this is me and I like it.
    Arnebya blogged this: I Entice Nurses With My BosomsMy Profile

  7. Jo H. says:

    Your hair always looks wonderful in your pictures here. I had no idea you have thick hair – that is intriguing to me because I also have thick hair which I have always worn straight (daily struggle with the brush and blow dryer). Now you’ve got me thinking … thanks for this post.

  8. Heather says:

    What … the … HELL … am I wearing in that pic from ’88?? Good lord what was I thinking??????

    By the way, Target has all this neon stuff out now and the girl in me from 1988 immediately ran over and started drooling. Is neon on a 30-something a bad idea? Really?
    Heather blogged this: Weigh-In Day!My Profile

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