Day 8: Color Me Happy



We haven’t done a whole lot of work on our master bedroom since moving in.

There are at least twenty different grey paint swatches taped to one wall; they’ve been there since before we moved a stick of furniture in.

We installed wardrobes on either side of the bed (a là John and Sherry) and sold our dressers.  It makes the room feel much larger and provides much-needed hanging space.

That’s about it.

I’ve been kind of stuck on a color scheme.  We knew we wanted grey walls.  We like our comforter, which we bought just over a year ago:

{Not our bedroom}

Enter a browsing session at Design Seeds (about which I rhapsodized here), during which I paid close attention to palettes containing a taupe – to represent the comforter – and a grey.  I stumbled across this one…

…and the [mostly] completed room popped into my head instantly.

It shows up differently on different monitors, so if you’re seeing dark purple, grey, and three pinks, rest assured that that’s NOT what we’re going with.

Think navy blue, grey with very subtle green undertones, the exact color taupe of our comforter, and “blush and bashful.”  (“Bashful” will be very, very subtly used, and “blush” probably won’t see the light of day.)

The most exciting part?  Jason’s on board.  I thought he’d be a harder sell, but he trusts my vision on this.

I cannot wait to get started.

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