Hello, Deeries

It was a glorious weekend.  Seriously.  The weather?  What spring is supposed to be like.  If there were a poster child for spring, it would be April 13-15, 2012 in Seattle.

Le sigh.

Friday evening, Mom called and suggested a picnic for the next day.  Subway in the park?  Twist my arm, Mom, please.  We headed over to Redmond to hit what is indisputably the finest suburban park any of us has ever been to.  We are not alone in this assessment, as parking is always a nightmare.  Locals will be astounded to hear we pulled right into a parking place at Grasslawn on a sunny Saturday at noon.  It was a Tax Day Eve miracle!

Jason and I spent the remainder of the day making progress in the garage, with the eventual goal of parking our cars in there.  Cars.  In the garage.  I know, we are so classy.

Sunday…Sunday was gorgeous.  And nerve-wracking, because of the regatta.  It was only my second race, and I still get nervous, because it’s hard.  Oh, it’s so hard.  Time-wise, we didn’t do so well, but there were only two boats in the race, so I came home with a red ribbon.  Plus, our coach said several times how good we looked rowing.  She is not easy with the praise, so I’m thrilled.  And yes, a bit proud of myself and my rowgirls.  The boys were incredibly supportive…

…and optimistic on my behalf…

And then I crashed on the couch with orange chicken from Safeway’s Asian counter.  (The counter sells pseudo-Asian food. The counter itself may or may not be of Asian origins.  I have not asked.)  I did not move from that spot all night, excepting a quick break for a shower and an eventual crawl to the bedroom.  I was TIRED.

On the way to the boathouse this morning, I came across some of our neighbors.

There were four of them!

I was actually stunned enough to stop in my tracks and say, in a weird, sing-song voice, “Hello, deeries.”  Apparently, I turn into a puntastic, elderly English woman when surprised by wildlife?  The things one discovers about oneself.

It was too windy to row, so we went out for coffee and, as a team, gave the older guy reading his newspaper at the next table quite the earful.  I’ve noticed that tends to happen when large groups of women get to chatting.  Good exercising of the jaws this morning.

How was your weekend?  Any garage cleaning?  Rowing?  Encounters with local wildlife?  Horrible puns?  Do share!

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7 Responses to Hello, Deeries

  1. Becky says:

    I LOL’d at you being a puntastic old English lady. I too find that in unguarded moments, I turn arch. What did this to us?

    But more important, congrats on some good rowing! A red ribbon is a red ribbon! I can only imagine how exhausting it must be, dang. Go grrl.

    Sadly our garage remains uncleaned despite some gorgeous weather in the ATL. On weekends like that, I think, “If only the weather could be like this all year,” and then I think, “Oh yeah, it was, in California. And we wanted to leave.” Hmm.
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    • AimeeWrites says:

      I think if I were to have such glorious weather year-round, I would take it for granted. You absolutely cannot do so here. So many months of rain and greyness make each sunny weekend worthy of praise hymns and/or pagan rites of thanks. (Equal opportunity praise is another hallmark of the Seattle metro area.)

  2. Oh I found your blog when you left a comment on mine and I’m so excited! I am going to check out your other posts to see if you have pics of you and your crew team. I am SO excited about this! I rowed on the crew team in high school. I was in the boat full of the people who were not athletic but wouldn’t quit or give up lol. So they let us on the team! We lost every single race but one. And it was one for the memory books when we finally won! Rowing is HARD. SO hard. I am super excited to read about someone doing it as an adult. I totally admire you!!
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    • AimeeWrites says:

      One of my teammates’ husbands took a video yesterday, and they’re planning to upload it to YouTube. When they do, I’ll let you know!

      Oh, one of the most exciting things? I’m the youngest in my class at 37. Two of the ladies in our boat yesterday are over 50!

  3. Arnebya says:

    Whenever I see the teams of rowers all I can think is damn that looks hard. Stamina, strength, muscle, and teamworkd building, but…so very hard. There are a few teams that row for Georgetown (and maybe a couple other local colleges) and there’s a guy who rows to work. Cracks me up. No traffic for him! I can’t remember where he lives, but he literally rows the Anacostia to and from work when weather permits (which, in summer, is usually daily). I do tend to talk to the wildlife we encounter, but in a sing-song irritating baby talk voice. Or Foghorn Leghorn’s voice. They’re interchangeable).

    The weather has been fantastic the past few days. I had to force myself back into work yesterday. I went out to sit for a few minutes that turned into half an hour. The sun cures all my neuroses (as long as I can see the sun or am in the sun. Once I return to this drab, literally gray building I go back to wanting to throw my stapler at random foreheads).
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  4. Congrats on the regatta. I think finishing is a WIN! Your boys are the best. =)

    LOL, I wish I turned into a puntastic old English lady when surprised!
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