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A couple of weeks ago, I turned 38.

Mary Kay Ash (Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, and yes, I was a Mary Kay lady for a few years after college.  Weird.) apparently used to say, “A woman who will tell you her age will tell you anything.”

Yep, what do you want to know?

Anyway, I turned 38, and Jason surprised me with tickets to Emerald City Comicon for my birthday.  It was fabulous.  Truly, wonderfully geeky.  We saw panels by Chris Sarandon and Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day.  Fascinating.  If you’re not of the geeky variety (I forgive you), but you are a fan of movies or television, I still highly recommend visiting a con just for the panels.  Chris Sarandon’s stories about shooting The Princess Bride, the process by which he’s chosen to work on which films, etc. was enthralling.

Even more interesting was Wil and Felicia’s discussion about the future of video media, and the move away from television networks as the main/only source of well-produced series.  They gave us real food for thought and finally kicked us in the can enough to begin watching Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day’s YouTube channel.  Watching has been an expensive decision, as every other time we watch an episode of TableTop, we want that game and are unwilling to wait more than a day to try it out.  The local game shops are thrilled.

The highlight of our day at Comicon, though?  A mere fifteen seconds.  After two hours or so of standing in line (happily, I brought my knitting), we had fifteen seconds with one of my favorite actors of all time.  The person I would choose, above all others, to meet at one of these events.

Yes, I have a thing for handsome, bald men.

Sir Patrick Stewart, himself.  Somehow, I lost my nerve and did not tell him it was my birthday.  I very much wanted to hear him say, “Happy Birthday” with his lovely voice, but we were ushered in and out so quickly, I got flustered.  I did manage eye contact, and a, “Thank you very much, sir,” to which he politely replied, “Thank you for coming.”  So he has nice manners, which is not really a surprise but still good to know.

There’s a bit of controversy over the whole photo-with-a-celebrity thing.  Yes, we paid money for the experience.  We paid more to get his photo than we would any other person’s at the con.  I balked at first, but it was my birthday, and after seeing just how exhausted he was when we met him (It was the third day of the con, and he did look and sound tired.), I came to the conclusion that his time is worth the money.  He obviously appreciates his fans, too.  I’ve heard he’s quite the fanboy himself when he meets his idols (on an episode of Top Gear?), so it makes sense.

Next con?  I’m taking our photo to get it signed.  Do you think it will decrease in value if Jason and I autograph it, too?

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3 Responses to Make It So

  1. Arnebya says:

    This past weekend, the girls were at a sleepover. I’d convinced my husband to take the boy with him to get groceries. I was alone, Aimee. Blissfully alone. I could have done so many things I can’t normally do (and enjoy) with kids in the house like bathe. And you know what I did? I was flipping through channels (which I NEVER do b/c I never watch tv just for the sake of watching it, mindlessly, anymore) and damn if I didn’t stop on Star Trek: Next Generation AND BECOME IMMENSELY EXCITED. I couldn’t even make myself jump up and pretend I had been very, very busy when they got back. So yeah, I get the wait and the money. Happy belated birthday. (Also, Borg is not a real word in Words With Friends.)
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  2. Gretchen says:

    I have dreamed of attending Comic Con for YEARS, but have no one to go with. Jimmy wouldn’t know one single person there. Maybe when Jude’s old enough? SOOO jealous of Sir Patrick! Oh, and I worked with Chris Sarandon long ago, very nice man.
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  3. Suzi says:

    Welcome to 38. I broke it for you for the last two months. Its not so bad.

    At least you’re not hearing a biological clock ticking like a really bad sci-fi movie.

    Love the HI pictures. Have yet to go. Is on the list. You look Mah velous.

    Also – Patrick Stewart? Best. Ever. So I believe you did the right thing paying to see him AND definitely bring a photo back. He’d probably get a kick out of it.

    Here’s to sunshine in Seattle! I’d send you some, if you could just send us some grey and mist. :)
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