My Legs Are Aubergine

Table legs, people.

Although there is a ginormous bruise on my right gam that could give these table legs a run for their money.  Stupid move on a dock + lack of balance = [partially] falling in the slough and roughing up one’s leg on the boat.  Jason has requested I wear a button at all times proclaiming, “No, my husband does not hit me.”  That’s how many bruises I manage to inflict upon myself.  The look of horror on my trainer’s face when he saw it this morning was comical.  It is pretty ugly.

The table legs, though…they are gorgeous.  This is what we call a workaround to disguise the fact that I somehow bought four black legs and one silver for my long table requiring five legs.  Rather than drive all the way to Ikea to exchange the silver leg for a black, I waffled on color for three months, drove to Home Depot, spent twenty minutes hemming and hawing awhile longer over colors in the spray paint aisle, and finished up by spending an entire afternoon applying “thin and even coats” à la Sherry Petersik.  I am a model of efficiency.

The final color is much darker and more aubergine than the above photo might hint, but even if they were that bright, I’d be happy.  Know why?  They’re for the Mom Cave.  Woot!  That’s right, I’m finally doing something in here!

Mom and Dad took the boys to Camp Grandma-Grandpa for the first part of this week, and I was faced with two full days with no kid obligations.  And SUN.  And temps over forty degrees.  For one afternoon only, so I took advantage.

Today, I bought myself a present (Cordless screwdriver!  It’s MINE.  It will live in the Mom Cave, not the garage, so I will always be able to find it.), and as soon as it’s charged, I’ll be attaching my aubergine legs to the table top, so I can get my desk items moved over.    I finally chose a wall color, too – Behr’s ‘Scotland Isle.’  Very green.  It’s quite the exciting time in Mom Cave Land.

Also, I have discovered the 70s Folk Songwriters Channel on Pandora.  I could not be any happier.  Pure Prairie League just serenaded me.  Aren’t they sweet?

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4 Responses to My Legs Are Aubergine

  1. Becky says:

    Those are gorg! You are putting your time to great use. Can’t wait to see your lady cave. That sounded gross but you get me.
    Becky blogged this: The Cookie Or The RoarMy Profile

  2. Kat says:

    I LOVE the color! And really, if you’re picking up advice from young house love you really can’t go wrong. You’re going to have the best woman cave in TOWN!! And possibly the only, but still! GO YOU!
    Kat blogged this: I ConfessMy Profile

  3. Arnebya says:

    Yes! The best…and maybe the only. But still! That color is absolutely gorgeous. I’m hoping to move some things around shortly, change up our living room and finally (FINALLY!) remove a bathtub that serves no purpose whatsoever (since no one has ever bathed in it and it is probably only large enough to fit my 8 yr old w/her legs bent. I can’t wait to yank it out. Mmmmmm sledgehammers).
    Arnebya blogged this: Mirror Mirror. I’m Looking, But I Don’t Know Who I See.My Profile

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