Photo Essay: Killing Time

Spending time with my sister usually results in both of us inhabiting a state of complete silliness.

And there’s always a camera handy.

Hey, let’s take pictures.  No, don’t bother adjusting the aperture.  No one will ever see these.

Seriously?  Dearest, favorite elder sister, aren’t you forgetting about your blog?

Nah, I won’t blog these.  We’re just killing time here.

Riiiiight.  Well, just in case, here’s one of me looking thoughtful.

Excellent!  And here’s one of me looking…well…  How do I look?


Omigosh!  You’re so blurry!

You should talk??


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One Response to Photo Essay: Killing Time

  1. Mom says:

    I love these pics! Love, love, love them!

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