So, January’s Almost Over

Happy New Year!

It’s still January, I can legitimately say that.  I think.

Lessons I have learned this month:

There are people who come into your life with very, very important information.  You need to listen to them.  Sometimes, that is the only reason you cross their path.  Then?  You need to let them go, with huge thanks and a firm good-bye.  If you cannot do this on your own, employ family and friends to help.

Petting dogs can spread poison ivy and poison oak.  (Okay, I already knew this one from experience, but several years’ distance can cause forgetfulness.)

Prednisone makes me HUNGRY.  When I am HUNGRY, I will bake.  Spice cake, anyone?  (Kidding – I’m not really in the mood to share.)

Tubing. Is. Fun.

Nicky will probably need braces, too. (SIGH…)

I can make yarn!

Watching a fictional character die of a traumatic episode you have experienced is, unsurprisingly, traumatic.

When you are spacey enough to leave your anniversary band in the dressing room of Sears’ Lands End department, there just might be enough honest people in the world that when you call in a panic, they will have it waiting for you to pick up.  People are inherently good.

There is an awful lot of cool stuff to do in Hawaii, and trying some of it is going to be a nice change from foggy, rainy February in Seattle.

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One Response to So, January’s Almost Over

  1. Arnebya says:

    Happy new year! And mmmmm, Hawaii. People ARE good. Our attempt to focus more on those who are not is inconsiderate and unjust.
    Arnebya blogged this: I Quit You. For Now.My Profile

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