How was your weekend?  I’d call ours successful.  We (and by “we” I pretty much mean Jason) made some real progress on an albatross of a project.

Way back when we bought the house, one of the highest priorities on The List was the front steps.

Replace stairs leading up to front door.  There’s more than a bit of rot there, and one of the “supports” under the front deck isn’t so much holding it up as it is hanging from it.

Upon further examination, the deck supports were deemed to be in fine shape.  There was no getting around the need to replace the stairs, however.  “Wobbly” and “unsteady” were the best descriptors of the situation.  Oh, and “rotted.”  Every time a guest went to leave, we made sure to remind them to hang onto the handrail and watch their step.  Not a good situation.

Jason’s been working on his game plan and shopping for lumber over the past week, so Saturday was the day.

Demo is the fun part.

The really fun part.  This is where Kalen asked if he could help.

We said no.  (More on that in a moment.)

Behold some majorly rotted wood.  It almost looks pretty in the picture.  It was not pretty in person.

There were bugs.  Inside some nearly-hollow steps.  Niiice…

The kiddos kept themselves busy.  Hooray for older kids!

Anywho, demo came to an abrupt halt, due to a crowbar injury.  (And this is why the seven-year-old is not allowed to help with demo.)  Everybody’s okay, but Jason’s hand modeling career is put on hold for a few months while his thumbnail recovers.

I did not take a picture.  You’re welcome.

Sunday dawned with a much happier thumb and the promise of sun, so we were back at it.  This time the “we” is official.  I helped as much as my back would allow.  I’m really good with a measuring tape, after all.

A little bit (okay a lot) of sawing…

…and a little bit a lot of hammering later…

…and ta da!  We have steps!  Hand built by us Jason.

Hey, my Mother’s Day pedicure still looks pretty good!

All that’s left: handrails, primer, paint, and non-slip treads.  One thing we’ve discovered after two winters in Seattle – wooden porches get slick in the rain, whether they’re stained or painted.  It’s not a matter of if you’ll slip on them, but when.

So, how about you?  Was your weekend industrious or gloriously lazy?  Somewhere in between?

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2 Responses to Stairs!

  1. Preita says:

    Kudos to the husband x a million! The stairs look great
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  2. georgiabe says:

    Cool! Don’t you love handy hubbies? :) Tip on paint: you can get a special kind of paint with grit in it for stairs & decks…Mr.G will know what it’s called all I remember is we almost used it on the deck…but that’s not a comment story!
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