Tattoos For Everybody!

Enough teasing.

Nicky and I went for tattoos today.

I am, like, the coolest mom ever.  Right?


Okay, fine, no tattoos, but a tattoo parlor was involved.  I discovered the hard way not to trust my earlobes to the young ladies at the mall with their ear-piercing guns, so when Nicky decided he was ready to take the plunge into the land of pierced ears, I decided to take him to someone with a lot of training, a lot of tattoos, and a lot of sterile gloves.  (And an autoclave.)

Enter Josh, super-duper piercing guy.

… I’m ready for this, I’m ready for this, I’m ready for this…

Nicky confessed while we were waiting that, between the paintings on the walls and harder-core-than-he’s-used-to music, he found the environment of the tattoo parlor distinctly uncomfortable.  By the time we left, however, he’d nonchalantly asked Josh how it feels to have your earlobes stretched (“Weird, but not painful.  It takes a lot of patience.”), heard one song he knows (“Tighten Up” by the Black Keys), and had a conversation about the various Batman franchises.  Kids are adaptable, even moreso than they realize.

 No tears, and only one “ow” at the end. High-five for the kid and all the occupational therapists over the years who made this moment possible!

The decision to have an ear pierced is not one Nicky made lightly.  He bought a set of magnetic earrings at Claire’s last spring and wore them pretty regularly through the end of the school year.  He loves the look, but he does not love losing the earrings (they pop off easily) or that he can’t wear them all day without discomfort.  The realization that, once pierced holes heal, you can no longer feel the earrings, made the decision pretty simple for him.

While we were there, I joined the piercing bandwagon and got my long-awaited second holes.  I had them done at the mall when Kalen was a baby, but they were badly done and became infected quickly.  And they were uneven.  Bah.  I let them close up.

 I was trying to get the shop in the picture, too.  Doh!

Now, however, as you can plainly see in the above photo (great planning, Aimee!), I’m sporting titanium barbells in my new second holes.  Can’t wait until they heal and I can wear the little anchors Heather bought me a couple of years ago!

Coming back from Seattle, we hit the 520 bridge while it was drawn up.  I pushed aside my annoyance and decided to make the most of the view.

Dude is the epitome of nonchalant.

The question of the day is this — how did I end up with such a freaking cool kid?

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6 Responses to Tattoos For Everybody!

  1. Angelina says:

    What a cool mom/son adventure. Max has never shown interest in having an earring. I think I’d be totally cool with that. But it would not have occurred to me to take him to a tattoo parlor to do it. When my mom took me for my first piercings we went to a jewelry store. So much less cool. Cool kid came from a cool mom!
    Angelina blogged this: 5 Ways to Fight Misogyny (there are no shades of rape)My Profile

    • AimeeWrites says:

      I was so satisfied with the decision to go to the tattoo parlor. They’re fanatical about sterilization and safety, and also about dealing with minors. I had to show photo ID for both Nicky and myself (so glad he has a passport card!), as well as his birth certificate, as proof that I’m actually his parent & not some cool aunt trying to get around Mom & Dad’s rules. It more than made up for the ubiquitous naked lady tattoo art on the walls. ;-)

  2. Gretchen says:

    Oh you are totally the coolest mom I know. And his earring looks darling. Josh’s stretched out lobes, however, freak me out! I am such an old woman.
    Gretchen blogged this: Spin Cycle: Working On ItMy Profile

    • AimeeWrites says:

      I was disconcerted for a few moments by his ear lobes, too, but I quickly grew used to them. (Most folks in the shop have them. No surprise there.) He’s a really, REALLY nice guy, and he and I talked about only seeing them (stretched lobes) in National Geographic magazines when we were kids. I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing myself, but it works in the usual manner…when you get to know someone, their appearance takes on a lot of their personality.
      AimeeWrites blogged this: Tattoos For Everybody!My Profile

  3. Sheri says:

    What a fun day for you guys. The earring looks cool, Nicky! Aimee, you are the uber cool mom!!

  4. ZOMIGOSH, those are the biggest gauges I’ve ever seen!

    I always knew you were the coolest mom ever. I’m sure Nicky will get some major street cred out of going to the tattoo parlor!! (Why is it a “parlor”? Doesn’t it sound like you lie around on tufted velvet fainting couches to get the tattoos??)

    Getting my ears pierced (the first time) nearly made me pass out, it hurt so much!
    geeky Heather blogged this: The Geekend That Was, 9/16 (Injured Reserve Edition)My Profile

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