That’s a Lot of Purple

Wow, purple must really be your favorite color,
she says to me,
sweeping her gaze past my purple hair
and purple nails
and purple water bottle.

No, my favorite color is green,
I respond.

Wow, you must really love purple,
he comments,
glancing at my puffy purple vest,
over my purple hoodie,
accompanied by my purple string bag
and that same purple water bottle.

No, my favorite color is green,
I respond.

Purple isn’t even my second-favorite color,
I reflect
(Hello, teal-aqua-turquoise family),
so why all the purple, I ask myself.

It’s available, and it looks good,
I respond.

When it’s time to raise funds
for Relay For Life,
purple starts the conversation.

When green isn’t a choice,
and black, white, and purple are,
I go with color.

Every time.

The comment now comes often enough
purple, purple, purple,
that even though I like it fine,
I find myself putting the purples
back on the rack.

I used to think too much green
would be too obvious,
and I erred on the side of purple,
now what will I do?

Buy more green,
I respond.

“Write a poem that incorporates the color purple.”

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3 Responses to That’s a Lot of Purple

  1. Beth says:

    I love this poem! All your humor in poem form. My favorite line? “and I erred on the side of purple”
    Three snaps in a Z formation for Aimee and her poem!

  2. Mama Kat says:

    I guess the color is serving it’s purpose!! Drawing enough attention to where you get to explain the fight for the cause over and over and over again. :)
    Mama Kat blogged this: Writer’s Workshop: A Year in Review 2011My Profile

  3. Gretchen says:

    I know just what you mean! I tend to err on the side of red. Always have. Though, I must say, it is my favorite color. But still, every now and then I’ll look around me and think “Hmmm…”.
    Gretchen blogged this: …But in the End, Fun Was Had By AllMy Profile

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