The List

We’re not quite down to the wire for the move yet, but it’s looming there on the horizon, taunting me.  Now that the rental is clean and ready for showing, I’m focusing briefly on plans for the new place before diving into the packing.

As I mentioned before, there are a number of things to do, some very high priority, others more long-term (due both to time and budgetary constraints).  Here is where Jason’s business-speak has entered my vernacular.  P-0, P-1, and P-2 (Priority Zero, One, etc.) are now common terms heard around our house.

So, for those of you who find such things interesting, I now present The List:

P-0 (Must be done before moving in)

  • Clean – appliances, interior/exterior of cabinetry, windowsills, bathrooms, etc.
  • Have ductwork cleaned out.
  • Replace traps under downstairs bathroom sink and for washer (previous owner installed S-traps rather than U-traps, which allow flammable sewer gases to come back up into the house.  Right next to the gas furnace.  Brilliant…and gross.)
  • Tighten the home’s grounding wire connection to the…err…ground thingy.  (I’m nothing if not technical.)
  • Order washer and dryer & schedule delivery.  Obtain dryer vent hose.

P-1 (Must be done very soon after move-in)

  • Replace stairs leading up to front door.  There’s more than a bit of rot there, and one of the “supports” under the front deck isn’t so much holding it up as it is hanging from it.
  • Have a filter holder installed in the furnace.  Yep, not only is there no filter, there’s nothing to put the filter in.  Great for the allergies, no?
  • New water heater!  The old one is rusted out horribly and well past its end of life.  We’re going tankless; I know the arguments against them, but it’s as much a space issue as anything else.  The space is shared among the furnace, water heater, and washer/dryer, and we need room to put things like laundry detergent.
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom outlets with GFCI outlets.
  • Make sure the attic is well-screened before spring, so the birds don’t come back to claim the nests our inspector found up there.
  • Seal the slate floors and shower surround in the hall bathroom.

P-1.5 (Must be done in the near term, but lower priority than the P-1′s)

  • Shore up the back deck.  It needs an additional beam underneath it, and the posts need to be checked for rot and buried in concrete.
  • Replace the section of fence around the left-side back gate and the gate itself.
  • Replace the hinges on the right-side back gate.
  • Fasten down the handrail between the living room and the entryway stairs.  They used finishing nails – seriously?
  • Remove mildew from interior of garage doors.
  • Replace missing lower portion of one down spout.
  • Paint naked trim work on one exterior window.
  • Add spindles to deck to bring them up to code (too far apart right now – toddlers and small dogs would fly right off).

P-2 (Need to be done, but can wait)

  • Replace screens in several front windows.
  • Repair several (six or seven) windows with broken seals.
  • Replace the two bathroom windows, which are not tempered glass & should be.
  • Replace sliding screen door.
  • Replace floor vent covers in Living Room & Dining Room.
  • Nail down vent flashing on roof more securely.
  • Remove buried extension cords in the front yard.
  • Refinish something to do with the exterior of the chimney (going from memory here…it’s in the inspection report, but not a high priority, since we don’t plan to use the wood-burning fireplace).

P-3 (Things in the looooong term.  The “I want, but I’m not willing to pay for yet” stuff that will likely be several years out.)

  • Kitchen overhaul.  While I like Corian countertops, I’m not fond of them in BLUE.  And the cabinetry needs help.   As long as I’m dreaming, let’s bring the gas line over into the kitchen and get rid of the electric range, too.  I miss gas burners.
  • Pipe for and install a gas insert in the fireplace.
  • Turn the teensy downstairs hallway into some sort of mudroom-type space.
  • Completely reno the two upstairs bathrooms, switching things around to fit a bathtub in the master bath.  Yeah, this one is reeeeeeeeally long-term.

Phew!  Of course, this doesn’t include decor, including the wardrobes we plan to install a la the Youngsters’ last house and removing or covering the really horrible plaster someone decided would bring a Tuscan flair to the family room.  It’s a daunting, evolving list, but we’re okay with that.  We have nothing but time, after all.

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2 Responses to The List

  1. Preita says:

    OMG I hate moving. At least I still hate moving right now since I just did it. It’s always worth it but always stressful. Just remember to take one step at a time.

  2. Julie Paris says:

    Your list looks good- I’m surprised though that you are not being forced to update the bathroom/kitchen to GFCI outlets before the closing. That is the law in both NY and VT. Mark is an expert at changing them- too bad we’re not closer!

    Also, we had our house piped years ago when natural gas came to our area. It was actually not very expensive to convert to gas stove, dryer, and fireplace. Of course, I’m only talking about the piping part, not all of the new stuff you would need.

    You have so much to look forward to! (-:

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