Thoughts On a Winter Break

Happy 2014, everybody!

This is a bit of an experiment – I recently switched from a Windows Phone to an Android, and, as a result, I now have an app for that. (Posting to my blog, that is.) I wanted to give it a go and see how it turns out.

This is that go.

We had a fantastic holiday season, as I hope you did. Once the kids got out of school, and Jason out of work (he took the whole two weeks of their break off!), we did very little. Sure, there was lots of family time, visiting with my parents and sister, and with Jason’s via Skype, but otherwise it was mostly lazy time.

I reread the entire Game of Thrones series, since book 5 is finally out in paperback, and Jason and I watched season one. The boys practiced their music and played their new video game.  Jason played lots of Assassin’s Creed (IV). I did not completely avoid the gym. We all played board games.  Jason and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. For the first time ever, he and I went OUT on New Year’s Eve. We took a family hike.

My favorite of the new board games this season: Lords of Waterdeep. Much fun.

My thoughts on Game of Thrones: so much dying!  At least my favorite character appears to still be alive at the end of Book 5. Intrigued to see where it all ends up someday.

My thoughts on Assassin’s Creed: I like piratey things.


My thoughts on New Year’s Eve: are dance clubs always that loud and crowded? Ugh. The comedy show was hilarious, though. Also, fondue.

My thoughts on 2014: I hope the banks take the two checks I’ve written with last year’s date on them.

My thoughts on this app: So far so good, but I have no idea how that photo up there is going to come out, size-wise. Fingers crossed.!

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2 Responses to Thoughts On a Winter Break

  1. Angelina says:

    Down time is the best! I’m reading this almost 3 months later and it’s our spring break – I’m wondering if it’s yours and what you are doing?
    Angelina blogged this: Shoulds Do Not Become UsMy Profile

  2. AimeeWrites says:

    Hi, Angelina! We still have another week before spring break here. I’ll blog about it! (There, I’ve committed myself.) :D
    AimeeWrites blogged this: Marching Right AlongMy Profile

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